Loudoun County is drafting and will soon be voting on a new Comprehensive Plan. This plan is the cornerstone for Loudoun's future for generations to come. COLT is concerned with the continual pattern of growth contained in this plan and has been active in working with community groups, County staff and all elected officials in voicing its concerns - and strongly advocating for a different path. A path which manages growth to a reasonable level of 1%, commits Loudoun to catching up on lagging infrastructure and preserves our diverse rural economy. 

To achieve this, COLT presented the County a vision that we call "The Loudoun Way" - 10 core principles that this Comprehensive Plan must adhere to. These principles will ensure we meet our obligations to our citizens and protect those historical and natural resources which make Loudoun a truly unique place to live, work and play. (click the image below to download "The Loudoun Way" as well as the speeches delivered by all 7 Mayors of COLT when we presented this to the Board)


Email: info@loudontowns.org